LargeUpTV: 2011’s Toppa Top 10 Dancehall Dances

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December 30, 2011

3. Now You See Me, Now You Donโ€™t

Ovamarz has been giving us faiyah on the dance floor for many years as a member of Ravers Clavers and now, with his own crew, Above A Dem. He is credited for dances like โ€œNuh Linga,โ€ โ€œNuh Behaviaโ€ and โ€œStep Ovaโ€ and now in 2011 he has brought us โ€œNow You See Me, Now You Donโ€™tโ€ and our number 3 dance. Genius says he likes this dance because he can do it to almost any song and pull it out easily at parties. He explains, โ€œyou have your feet out wide and when you step you cross your hands. Then when you step again you uncross them. Your body leans in the direction you are stepping.โ€ Or as Ovamarz so succinctly puts it, โ€œMove your foot and your shoulder and your head and shub out.โ€