LargeUpTV: 2011’s Toppa Top 10 Dancehall Dances

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December 30, 2011

1. Star Bwoy

Our pick for the number 1 dance of 2011 was a no brainer. โ€œStar Bwoy,โ€ (or Space Bwoy), even made it to mainstream fame when it was featured on Canadaโ€™s โ€œSo You Think You Can Dance.โ€ To do this dance, brought to us by Chekkazz dancers, โ€œyou step one foot behind the other and then back out three or four times and then you step right, left, right, left as you wave your body from your pelvis up to your chest,โ€ Genius says. ย He explains that he does this dance so much because it is โ€œone of the smoothest dances out right now and you could just chill with it.โ€