LargeUpTV: 2011’s Toppa Top 10 Dancehall Dances

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December 30, 2011

6. Cowfoot

Shelly Belly, one of dancehallโ€™s most famous creators, made our number 6 dance after hearing Macka Diamondโ€™s โ€œCow Foot,โ€ a song in which she compares her manโ€™s โ€œbuddyโ€ to a cow foot. His description of the dance is short and sweet, โ€œstretch out u han and kick out u foot, waist a jook.โ€ Genius adds, โ€œYour foot is hitting the ground like you have on a cow shoe and when you switch from one foot to the other you kind of whip your body around.โ€ We agree with Genius that this dance embodies one of our favorite things about dancehall: style with a sense of humor.