Bad Gal Business: A History of Island-Flavored Bashment Bangers From Rihanna

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November 29, 2011

Sizzla feat. Rihanna, “Give Me A Try”
Cham feat. Rihanna, “Boom Boom” (2005)

On a few occasions Rihanna has lent her voice to songs by other artists from the Caribbean, with some success. In 2005, she played the willing, perky recipient to Cham’s come-ons, on “Boom Boom” from the Ghetto Story album. At some point, she also lent her voice to a remix of Sizzla’s 2003 classic “Give Me A Try.” Though any alteration of the revered originalโ€”one of Sizzla’s best-loved tunesโ€”was bound to draw jeers from purists, Rihanna does a fine job, admirably attempting to match Sizzla’s falsetto.