LargeUp TV: Tarrus Riley + Johnny Osbourne Nice Up Miss Lily’s

January 24, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos and Video byย Lucas Alvardo-Farrar โ€”

Tarrus Riley at Miss Lily's Variety

Miss Lily’s Variety, the next-door annex of downtown NYC’s favorite Jamaican eatery and the home of RadioLily, celebrated its one-year anniversary recently with a big (but not too big) family-style fete. LargeUp was in the building (we’ve been there since before it even opened) of course, capturing the sights and sounds of the evening, which included performances from Tarrus Riley and Johnny Osbourne. Watch the video for highlights from Tarrus’ (“She’s Royal,” “Lion Paw” and “Beware”) and Johnny’s (“Truth and Rights”) performances, then scroll through for Lucas Alvardo-Farrar’s photo series.