Wah Gwaan, Popcaan: Download “Hot Skull Fry Yiy Boil Brainz”

June 22, 2010

Words by Jesse Serwer

Vybz Kartel protege Popcaanโ€”looking more and more like the breakout star of the season in Jamaica as “Clarks” continues to gain legsโ€”dropped his first mixtape, Hot Skull Fry Yiy Boil Brainz this weekend. We’re inclined to like it on the strength of its distinctive title alone but, while no masterpiece, it leaves a deeper impression than the typical strewn-together dancehall mixtape. Like his mentor, Popcaan has an easy way with words (and apparently a knack for advancing new slang) that makes him stand out from the pack of young’uns angling to be the next Kartel or Mavado. He also possesses a distinctive voice that resembles “Draw Your Brakes” deejay Scotty more than any contemporary deejay one might compare him to. While Kartel disciples tend to be a dime a dozen, Di Teacha seems to be taking a Birdman-and-Wayne like interest in this particular pupil, so you could bet that he’s going to throw whatever branding power he can behind him moving forward. Warning issued.