Busy Pavarotti: Busy Signal Sings Opera | LargeUp TV

December 23, 2014

Video shot by Martei Korley
Edited by Sir Ledgen


Busy Signal has a special ability to take a song from any music genre and turn it into dancehall. The self-professed Hott Head has made bashment business out of everything from Brazilian samba to Phil Collins ballads. This year, his two biggest tunes were on rhythms borrowed from Lorde’s “Royals” and Afrobeats star P Square’s “Personally,” respectively.

When we connected with Busy aboard Damian Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise, we had to ask him what style of music he’ll turn to next.

You might be surprised by his response. Or then again, you might not. Busy wouldn’t be the first dancehall artist to swim in the opera sea—what ’90s bashment scholar could forget Buccaneer’s “Skettel Concerto”? But, after getting a taste of Busy Pavarotti’s fla-la-la-low, we can’t wait to hear him lay down some arias in the studio.

Watch Busy demonstrate his flare for tremolo in “Busy Pavarotti: Busy Signal Sings Opera.”