Toppa Top 10: Dancehall Cameos

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March 26, 2010

words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Just a little something to start some Friday afternoon office arguments (stop, we know you’re not actually working). The main criteria of inclusion on this top 10 is that the dancehall artist must be guesting for an artist–or parachuting into a situation–that is not in any way recognizable as reggae. For instance, “The Jam” and the infamous “Dolly My Baby” remix are disqualified because rap artists are guesting on the Jamaican artist’s record. The Fugees, Heavy D and Busta Rhymes are practically reggae artists themselves so those collabos are out. Samples and remixes don’t count either (sorry, MIMS) but i like your thinking. For more in that vein check Jesse Serwer’s NYC Badmen list and read on: