Nov 23, 2014
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Emily Shapiro

Toppa Top 10: Bad Gyal Manicures

Words by Emily Shapiro—


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Tundra Tun Up: Blacka Di Danca Brings Dancehall to Siberia

Words by Emily Shapiro, Photos by Dmitriy Shtifonov and Denis Rossiev—

blacka 1

If you’re a regular Large Up reader, you already know all about our friend Blacka di Danca. We’ve been following this super-talented dancer and choreographer as he travels the world spreading his infectious love of dancehall and good vibes. A frequent visitor to Europe, where he just spent the summer teaching dancehall steps to students from England to Italy, he’s currently in the midst of his fourth trip to Russia.

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Wha Gwaan: Listen to Afropop Worldwide’s NYC Reggae History Lesson

Words by Emily Shapiro—


Afropop Worldwide, the long-running syndicated radio program and online magazine dedicated to highlighting the contributions of Africa and the African Diaspora to music and culture, yesterday ran an hour-long program about the history of Jamaican music in New York City.

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Toppa Top 8: Beyonce’s Most Dancehall Moments

Words by Emily Shapiro—


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Space Bwoy: Watch The Courtney John Project’s “Rain Like Gold” Video

Words by Emily Shapiro—


The video for “Rain Like Gold” by the Courtney John Project may have been shot in Jamaica but it’ll definitely leave you feeling otherworldly. The super spacey video, featuring singer Courtney John dressed as an astronaut as he roams through a deserted area of Kingston, perfectly matches the song’s tone.

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Dancehall Takeover: Blacka di Danca, Sir Ledgen + Kye Kye Legacy On Fuse

Words by Emily Shapiro

photo 1

Wednesday night, Fuse TV’s weekly show The Hustle After Party got real bashy when Large Up friends Blacka di Danca and Sir Ledgen showed off their dancing skills along side Kye Kye Legacy of famed Jamaican crew Ghetto Legacy.

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