Fashion Fridays: Aliakim’s “Revolutionary Chic”

April 12, 2013

Words by Emily Shapiroโ€”


When one thinks of glamour, the image of an AK-47 is not usually what pops into your mind. However, bad gyal, designer, intellectual and activist Mikaila Brown has managed to make the assault rifle, along with many other subversive images, feminine and something every woman would want to wear. Ms. Brownโ€™s line Aliakim fuses images typically associatd with war or violence like guns, grenades and brass knuckles with ready-to-wear high fashion clothing and accessories.

The Jamaican-born, US-based designer’s concept is to empower women by flipping the meaning of these images on their heads and turning them into something beautiful. She is also trying to raise awareness about world affairs and inspire women to stand up for others internationally. She calls this style โ€œrevolutionary chicโ€ and reinforces her message by giving a portion of her proceeds to SOS Village, a non-profit in Southern Sudan that works to support child soldiers who have been affected by war. The clothing is stylish and the intention is worthy of rocking. Check out of some images below and make sure you hit up her site to support. Stay tuned for more coverage of this innovative designer in the future.

Aliakim 6

Aliakim 5

Aliakim 2

Aliakim 8Aliakim 9