Toppa Top 10: Ten Soca Songs That Crossed Over

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Words by Jesse Serwer—


Soca has only palanced its way into the mainstream on a handful of occasions since it first developed in Trinidad some 40 years ago. In light of Bunji Garlin’s recent success bringing unadulterated Carnival music to the fore with “Differentology”—as well as the 10th anniversary of Kevin Lyttle’s ascension into the upper echelons of the pop charts with “Turn Me On”—here’s a look at some of soca’s most notable crossover hits.

*This is not a countdown of the most popular soca songs across the Caribbean. The main guideline used in selecting these songs is: Do people who’ve never been to a soca party or a soca-producing country know them? Hence the absence of such pan-Caribbean classics as “Dollar Wine” and “Tiny Winey.”

  • Lance-O

    Greetings. Always enjoy reading your toppa top 10’s. This is one of the very few if ever I didn’t feel you were right on the money or really close.

    There is one big record you left out. It was the first record to ever get the crossover in America. It made it on urban radio & hip hop stations especially in Miami. It was also runner up in Road March in Trinidad (Trinidad wasn’t going to let a Bajan win Road March in Trinidad). Do you remember this record? It was 1995