Toppa Top 10: Ten Soca Songs That Crossed Over

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July 24, 2014

8. Bunji Garlin “Carnival Tabanca” (2013)


Bunji Garlin is having an unprecedented run among soca artists. Not only is he responsible for the most ubiquitous and internationally recognized soca tune of the decade thus far in โ€œDifferentologyโ€ but, in a rare feat, he was actually able to follow it up. Released โ€œoff seasonโ€ last summer (Trini artists usually release new soca during the winter, in the months just before Carnival), โ€œCarnival Tabancaโ€ is a song which captures the wistful mood that washes over when Bacchanal is done. After picking up a second wind during Carnival time earlier this year, โ€œCarnival Tabancaโ€ found it way into the rotation on influential New York radio station Hot 97 this spring.