LargeUp TV: At Home with Tarrus Riley & The Blak Soil Family

February 10, 2011

Words, photos and video by Martei Korley


Roots run deep in the parish of St. Thomas. Set at the southeast end of Jamaica, the area has been an epicenter of Afrocentric thought since slaves first toiled on it’s plantations. Fittingly, Morant Point is the point of the island geographically closest to Africa, literally reaching out into ocean towards the Motherland. The hills here have seen the Morant Bay Rebellion, sheltered many a runaway slave, and heard some of the first Rasta sermons from Leonard Percival Howell. It is in this tradition that reggae star Tarrus Riley is rooted–and that is what the Blak Soil family is all about.

Recently we spent the day in St. Thomas, where Tarrus introduced us to some new local talent: Jameik, Saynnt and Filan. Although they seem more like brothers or members of a group, they are actually individual artists (and we are proud to feature some fresh acapellas from them in the featured video–more to come soon for sure!) We also met Lady Racquel who gave us a song in passing, just as the last sun rays faded on the horizon. And to top it off Mr. Riley himself performed his new hit “Shaka Zulu Pickney” (click here for music video and our in-depth coverage) with the whole massive. What more can you ask for? A Blak Soil Sittin’!



Generation Next: Jameik, Saynnt and Filan inna Heptones style and fashion…