Mixtape Mondays: The Best Mixtapes of 2012

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Federation Sound, Dub Box Vol 2: Respect to the Federation fam every time.. The East Coast dancehall rulers laced the world with another free peek into their highly destructive crates of acetates and exclusives this year. The first volume of this CD was on steady repeat when I got it maybe five years ago, and Vol. 2 is no different. This is definitely a unique tape, taking soundkilling dubs from the clash setting to the studio-mixed CD format (and of course blended in fine style from the man like Kenny Meez). If you’re a reggae or clash enthusiast you would only be shortchanging yourself not to download this and play it loudly. Idiot soundbwoys beware, this one might build yuh casket… Direct download the single track here, tracked mp3′s here. HAUL AND PULL UP.

Bonus: Last May marked Federation’s 250th weekly podcast (they’re at 281 now) and they recorded a special extended edition of the show to celebrate. Grab that 250 minute episode and a ton load more here.

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