Mixtape Mondays: The Best Mixtapes of 2012

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December 17, 2012

The Heatwave, Five Million Rewinds: In honor of Jamaica celebrating its Independence this year, our own UK contributor Gabriel Heatwave cooked up this monumental commemorative mixtape. As one of top sound systems in the UK, Gabriel has been running mixtapes, raves and generally covering Caribbean culture on that side of the pond for a minute now. Theย Five Million Rewind mix is a journey through the biggest UK anthems to come out of Jamaica over the last 50 years, showcasing the massive extent to which Britain’s music has been influenced by JA, from the time of gaining its independence until the present. From Jimmy Cliff and Prince Buster to Stylo G and Sean Paul, this mixtape serves as a comprehensive and quick-mixed vibe of 50 years of JA raving in the UK, with full salute to JA’s Golden Jubilee. Stream and download below, tracklist and info here.