Lutan Fyah Chants Down Poseurs on “No Selfie” [PREMIERE]

October 1, 2020

Words by Jesse Serwer

Lutan Fyah - No Selfie

Well before smartphones saturated society and changed the way we live, dancehall and reggae artists were sounding the alarm about the encroachment of cellular technology. Songs as far back as Mr Lexxโ€™s โ€œRing Off Mi Cellieโ€ and, a little later, Busy Signalโ€™s โ€œUnknown Numberโ€ speak to what we now know was a quite justifiable mistrust of modern devices.

The GPS-enabled surveillance state of today has only reinforced this thinking โ€” see Buju Bantonโ€™s โ€œTrust.โ€ Cue up LargeUp contributor and NY-based DJ Richard โ€œTreatsโ€ Drydenโ€™s โ€œRing Ring Tingโ€ playlist for a more complete history of phone-themed reggae and dancehall, going all the way back to the landline days of JC Lodge and Shabba.

On โ€œNo Selfie,โ€ Lutan Fyah adds to this canon, warning fake friends and intrusive photo seekers to hold up and gweh. Lutan dismisses today’s near-constant selfie requests as both an annoyance and a potential threat or set-up, coolly requesting: โ€œPlease nuh lean pon mi shoulder.โ€

โ€œNo Selfie,โ€ premiering right here ahead of its release to DSPs tomorrow, is one of five tracks on Lustre Kings Productionsโ€™ Star Chile Riddim EP, which drops in full Oct. 30 on Easy Star Records.

Lustre Kings and Zion I Kings co-founder Andrew โ€œMoonโ€ Bain was inspired to create the guitar-driven instrumental after catching a live show from Mr Eazi. Taking cues from banku music โ€” a mellower, soothing take on afrobeats which Eazi pioneered in the mid 2010s โ€” as well as Wizkid and Jimi Hendrix, the riddim blends afrobeats and reggae vibes for a chill, dexterous sound bed. Upcoming tracks will feature vocals from Pressure Busspipe and Alandon as well as remixes from Digital Ancient and Zion I Kings.

Listen here: