LargeUp TV: Split Personality with Leftside and Mr Evil

November 16, 2009

A LargeUp Exclusive Webisode – Words by DJ Gravy, Video Shot & Edited by Reid van Renesse

Craig “Leftside” Parks is a uniquely versatile character in Jamaica’s dancehall fraternity. As son of Lloyd Parks, (bassist and bandleader of the We The People Band, one of Reggae’s most consistent backing bands) Leftside absorbed music at a very young age, playing drums for everyone from Yellowman to Dennis Brown, he also toured as Sean Paul’s tour DJ when SP was just starting to really “buss”.

Flash forward a few years (circa 2003), Leftside is producing almost all of Dancehall’s top artists with too many hits to list, from there he began voicing many of his own riddims. Left’s tribute to ladies who keep fit, “Tuck In Yu Belly” clearly displayed a level of humour that Dancehall seemed to be lacking at that time.

The next hit was by his zany, comedic alter ego, Mr. Evil, (based on Dr. Evil from Austin Powers). As Mr. Evil, he achieved mainstream urban cross over success with his edgy, “More Punany“, complete with countless Reggae and Pop Culture referances and DJ Screw type vocal effects.

Then the dual identities (Leftside and Mr. Evil) started “collaborating” on tracks, often with Leftside singing hooks and Evil deejaying on verses. A great example is his (their?) collabo with Sean Paul, “Back It Up.”

The Largeup webisode with Leftside was filmed at New York’s RICE and PEAS Party, where he made an exclusive appearance. The diverse crowd of people knew and sang along with all of his chunes word for word.

As if being a drummer, selector, hit producer, artist and alter ego artist wasn’t enough, we’re now blessed with yet another hysterical persona, Gran Faada (or Granpa). Check his new tune, “Mi Tyad” (as Gran Faada) on super producer Russian’s Go Go Club riddim.