Toppa Top ’16: The Best Dancehall Singles of 2016

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15. Chronixx, “Sell My Gun”

Chronixx has been the face of the so-called reggae revival since 2013, but he’s also shown an aptitude for riding dancehall rhythms, particularly those made by long-time collaborator Romaine “Teflon” Arnett of Zinc Fence Records. The two recently had a falling out, casting doubt on future collaborations, but not before dropping this thought-provoking anti-violence anthem at the very end of 2015, just past contention for last year’s list. (It appears on Chronixx + Federation Sound’s Roots & Chalice, one of our picks for this year’s best mixtapes). In a year in which dancehall offered little conscious fare, this one went somewhat under the radar, but with Chronixx planning to drop his new album, Chronology, it may soon see more life. — Jesse Serwer