Toppa Top ’16: The Best Dancehall Singles of 2016

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December 15, 2016

6. Drake feat. Popcaan, โ€œControllaโ€


Debates around this obviously dancehall-inspired record have been going on for months, even before the release of Drakeโ€™s VIEWS in April. While โ€œControllaโ€ might not ride a riddim per se, co-production from Supa Dups and Stephen McGregor definitely sets it apart from the many other โ€œCaribbean-tingedโ€ hip hop tracks which graced the charts this year. The first version of the recordย (and the only one we acknowledge) featured Popcaanโ€™s commanding opening verse that stole the show before the Canadian rapper even shows up. Coupled with Drakeโ€™s sing-song cadence and plenty of patois-derived Toronto slang, it makes for a strong contender on our list. Even though the songโ€™s album cut swapped Popcaanโ€™s verse for a quick flip of Beenie Manโ€™s 1995 classic, โ€œTear Off Mi Garmentโ€, the unofficial version is a fan favorite thanks to almost unmatched slow wine possibilities. โ€” Sajae Elder