Toppa Top ’16: The Best Dancehall Singles of 2016

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December 15, 2016

7. Jahmiel, “Where Were U”


The best song on Good Good Productions’ Cure Pain riddim, one of the biggest riddims of the year (with honorable mentions going to Mavado’s “Big League,” Kartel’s “I’ll Take You There” and I-Octane’s “No Badda Dan Jah”) “Where Were U” saw Jahmiel cement his place among the top new-school dancehall dons. “Where Were U” is an absolute juggernaut of a song, breaking into mainstream circles within the U.K. and getting radio play on both commercial and underground radio stations after taking over the streets in JA. The song’s relatable lyrics resonate with so many people, making “Where Were U” a favorite with both gunman and the righteous. — Osei Pola-Samuels