Mixtape Mondays: Our Favorite Caribbean Mixtapes of 2016

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December 12, 2016

Blacka Di Danca x DJ Gravy, Dancehall Warm-Up

Blacka Di Danca has broken down all types of barriers in his successful quest to take dancehall dancing worldwide, and he recently added another notch to his belt with the first-ever mixtape from a dancehall dancer. A collection of dance-inspired anthems from Mr. Vegas (“Tek Weh Yuh Self”), Elephant Man (“Gangsta Rock,” “Pon de River,” “Nuh Linga”) Ding Dong (“Bad Man Forward”) and more, Blacka’s Dancehall Warm-Up, mixed by LargeUp’s DJ Gravy, was made with dancers in mind. Whether you’re new to dancehall and just learning your steps, or prepping for a big night in the dance, this is prime practice material for getting your footwork in order. If you’re subscribed to Apple Music, there’s a playlist version of the mixtape on our channel there, but download the hosted version with Blacka’s instruction for the full effect. โ€” Jesse Serwer