Mixtape Mondays: Our Favorite Caribbean Mixtapes of 2016

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December 12, 2016

Noise Cans, Badmon Rave (LargeUp Mix Series, Vol. 6)

The fusion of Caribbean and electronic dance sounds was as prominent as ever in 2016, and one of the major players keeping these vibes moving forward was Bermuda’s Noise Cans, via singles “Bucka” (feat. Mr. Vegas) and “Do It Like Ah Pro” (with Skinny Fabulous and Danielle Viera). Recently, we tapped the mysterious producer for a dose of Badmon Rave vibes as part of our LargeUp Mix Series. Check out Noise Cans’ upcoming roundup of the year’s best Badmon Rave tunes for more on what’s happening in this arena. โ€”ย Jesse Serwer