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December 1, 2016

Alpha Boys School + Jamaica Sound System Federation Tees


Alumni of Jamaica’s Alpha Boys School include greats like Yellowman, Horsemouth, Johnny Osbourne, Leroy Smart, Rico Rodriguez and the founding members of the Skatalites, to name a few. It’s the place where modern Jamaican music was born. Represent for JA’s famed music school with the Alpha Boys School tee (available in red, green and black) designed and screen printed by the students of Alpha Boys.

Cops and firemen have their unions, and so do the sound men who bring music to the people of Jamaica. Founded by Jam One International’s Tony Myers, the Jamaica Sound System Federation‘s mission is to preserve and promote Jamaican sound culture. The Jamaica Sound System Federation T-shirt is screen printed by the students of Alpha Boys School, with proceeds going to support vocational training at Alpha, and continuing education scholarshipsย for sound-system personnel.

Get the Alpha Boys School tee + Jamaica Sound System Federation tee here.