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December 1, 2016

Alumni NY x Fila Beef Patty Sneakers + Tee


For as long as almost anyone can remember, the Jamaican patty X coco bread combo has been the afternoon snack of choice in Jamaica. This summer, Alumni NY, a sneaker boutique based in Flatbush, Brooklyn, paid homage to their neighborhood’s rich Jamaican culture by getting together with Italian footwear brand Fila for a limited-edition sneaker inspired by the beef patty. This collab sold out in a day, but we’ve got some of the last remaining pairs. As part of the package, Alumni also dropped this limited-edition tee featuring the classic beef patty in its rightful home โ€” inside a folded-up slice of coco bread.

Get the Alumni x Fila Beef Patty Sneaker here.ย 

Get the Beef Patty x Coco Bread Tee here.