Pic of the Week: Lene in Lingerie

November 18, 2016


Pic of the Week was one of the original LargeUp features:ย A series of dispatches from co-founder, creative director and chief photographer Martei Korley. Now, weโ€™re bringing it back. Each Friday morning, weโ€™ll share a different image illuminating the richness of the Caribbean experience. Expect culture, music, tradition, food, family, fashion, agriculture โ€” or, in this case, some lingerie in a laundromat.

Lene Hall, a Bajan model poses for me in a Harlem laundromat on Fredrick Douglas Avenue with a Polish model whose names escapes me. Sherry, as Lene is also known, lent some of her Bajan flair to the set. She has always been a lot of fun to work with. My idea was to recreate a bit of Manet’s classic “Olympia,” which inspired so much talk in a lingerie shoot. Lene, I knew, would lend just the right amount of confidence and character to the concept. Apart from a brand-new hand truck I’d just bought being stolen between locations, the shoot was great โ€” a great day in New York.

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