LargeUp Premiere: Martei Korley’s “Perfect/Passion” Video

March 23, 2018

LargeUp’s top shotta Martei Korley returns with another visual, this time for his new single,ย โ€œPerfect/Passion.โ€

โ€œPerfect Passionย is a story about walking away from a situation, and acknowledging what can happen when you don’t,โ€ Martei says. Musically, the song adds elements of soul and R&B to a stark, minimalistic boof-baf produced by Yo-Akim.ย The dark, autumnal visuals, meanwhile, feature model Rochel Rasmussen, emphasizing the song’s theme of transition and flux, while a drum and bass remix of Martei’s previous singleย โ€œConcrete Flowerโ€ set the stage for the digi vibes to come.

Watch the video below, and pick upย โ€œPerfect/Passionโ€ย on iTunes here.