AUDIO: Destra + Tanya Stephens Connect For “Liar Liar”

May 23, 2016

Words by Jesse Serwer

Destra Garcia is truly the Queen of Bacchanal. Since breaking out as a solo artist with “It’s Carnival” in 2003, she’s led the way for female soca artists, delivering empowering anthems that get women wining and wukking up like no other. She’s basically the Caribbean Beyonce, in that respect. And, as it turns out, she also has a flair for reggae, too.

For her latest single, “Liar Liar,” Destra connects with Jamaica’s Tanya Stephens over a one-drop riddim from producer Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer (Ky-mani Marley, Morgan Heritage). The ladies team up to deliver a message to a man who’s done the Q.O.B. wrong, making their best lemonade out of the situation.

“Tanya is an artist I greatly admire and throughout our years of music, though in different genres, became friends,” Destra says of her collaboration with the vocalist behind such reggae and dancehall classics as “It’s a Pity” and “You Nuh Ready For Dis.”

“We met up in St. Lucia two years ago, and I had recently worked on the song and asked her opinion since I was now testing the reggae waters. I played the track for her and she absolutely loved it. A song like ‘Liar Liar’ needed that female reggae warrior spirit that Tanya has. I think we had great chemistry.”

The track is off Destra’s latest album, Queen, which includes all of her Carnival anthems released from the last year, including the 2015 Antigua Carnival release “Dip and Ride,”and “Normal,” on Kubiyashi’s Belafonte riddim as well as another reggae collaboration, in “Real Love” with Peetah Morgan.

Stream “Liar” below, and purchase Queen here.