Toppa Top ’15: The Best Dancehall Tracks of 2015

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11. Dexta Daps – 7Eleven/Shabba Madda Pot

Voiced on Troyton Music’s Intoxxicated riddim, “7Eleven” is a lusty anthem from Seaview Gardens ladies’ man Dexta Daps that deals with steadfast desire in spite of the opinions of naysayers. With its plucky riff, generally “rude” disposition and catchy chorus, you cannot help but bounce along to the track. Although “7Eleven” was initially released at the tail end of 2014, it blew up this year and became one of 2015’s biggest dancehall singles. The same can be said for his equally infectious “Shabba Madda Pot,” which is running the place at this very moment. —Nadine White