Toppa Top ’15: The Best Dancehall Tracks of 2015

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December 16, 2015

6. Popcaan – Rup Rup (Bad Inna Real Life)

It was another big year for Popcaan as he dropped tune after tune – most of them smooth and vibey with the exception of a few like “Rup Rup” which came out on the braggadocios badman tip. Here we find Popcaan calling out all fake gangstas and fassy dem, threatening to show dem who’s the real king of kings. Even though the subject matter is hard, Popcaan’s voice and the happy feeling production on Rup Rup gives it a lighter appeal allowing for prime time pull ups in the club. A lot of DJs chose to remix this single as well and you can find a variety of dope versions floating around on the internet. โ€”DJ Arems