LargeUp Premiere: Watch Kayla Bliss’ “Red Hott” Video

October 19, 2015


Kayla Bliss’ย “Red Hott” is an A1-class herbalist anthem, with a distinctly female point of view. “Everywhere me go me smoke the stinkest of hash,” the NYC-via-JA singer belts on the track, a re-lick of Alton Ellis’ “Can I Change My Mind” fromย XTM.Nation’s Kareem “Remus” Burrell. “Nails well done and my hair intact.”

A ginger-haired Ms. Bliss burns a cherry-colored spliff inside Kingston’s scarlet-tiled East Japanese restaurant in the highly color-coordinated “Red Hott” video, from co-directors Matthew Ashman and Samo Kush-I, with additional animation from Juppi Juppsen. Watch it below, and check out a striking acoustic performance of Kayla’s “Sound Clash” here.