Mixtape Mondays: XTM.Nation’s ‘Fatis Tapes In The Oven: Di Mixtape’

May 21, 2018

Fatis Taoes In The Oven: Di Mixtape

Fatis Tapes in the Oven is a new compilation series collecting rare and unreleased productions from late producer Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell‘s XTerminator Records catalog.

For Vol. 1 of the series, Burrell’s son, Kareem ‘Remus’ Burrell, who has taken up the mantle for his father’s work with the XTM.Nation label since the producer’s untimely passing in 2011, dug through the crates to unveil some rare alternate cuts of classics such as Luciano’s “Give Thanks” and Tanya Stephens‘ ‘Tonight.” He also discovered some treasures from relatively unknown artists such as “Jah Protect Me'”from Gott Yo and “Judgement Morning” from Peter Franks. The release also features appearances from icons and XTerminator collaborators Sizzla, Beres Hammond and Capleton.

This week’s Mixtape Mondays exclusive, Fatis Tapes In The Oven: Di Mixtape, gathers all of the tracks included on the album into a seamless, half-hour mix. As a bonus, we’ve also got an interview with the great Nadine Sutherland, recalling her work with XTerminator and the recording of her track “Don’t Throw Pearls,” a version of which is included on the mix and album.

Listen here:

Fatis Taoes In The Oven