Lighters Up: Kayla Bliss’ Blue Mountain “Sound Clash”

Words by Jesse Serwer

Tell ah sound bwoy mi come fi dun him and Gun finger fi yuh drum pan sound are phrases you’d expect to hear inside a sound clash, aggressively delivered by a male MC bent on sending his opposition to Mr. Madden. Where you wouldn’t anticipate hearing them is from a soulful female singer performing acoustically (with guitarist Dario Morgan) in a picturesque mountain setting, as Kayla Bliss does in this unplugged video, shot by Samo Kush-I and Matthew “Ashes” Ashman at EITS Cafe in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. In the context of her song “Sound Clash,” these words aren’t meant for a rival sound system, but rather a man who’s not quite ready for her goods.

The homage to sound clash is fitting considering Kayla’s affiliation with XTM.Nation, the next-generation edition of the late Philip “Fattis” Burrell’s XTerminator Records. The label, now run by Burrell’s son, Kareem Burrell (aka Remus), has released a handful of tracks from Bliss, including her latest, “Red Hott,” and is currently working on an album with her.

You can stream that track, too, after the video, but first… Lighters in di air for dis yah big tune!