Two Kings: Eddie Murphy Meets Beenie Man on “Wonna Deez Nights”

June 15, 2015

Words by Jesse Serwer


The King of Comedy meets the King of Dancehall? Yes, you read that correct. Eddie Murphy‘s latest foray into reggae is a collaboration with Beenie Man, entitled “Wonna Deez Nights.” Where Eddie’s “Red Light” and “Oh Jah Jah” were ruminative, roots-y tunes colored by social commentary, this one has a lighter, beach-party reggae kinda feel. Don’t let the cheesy, 90s-style misspelled title andย clichรฉd intro lead you to dismiss it entirely, though. Beenie brings an energy to this one, and by the end of the song it turns into something a little harder and a little more dancehall, airhorns and all. And tell us that breakdown at 3:20 doesn’t have “surprise performance at Reggae Sumfest” written all over it.

Stream “Wonna Deez Nights” below, and tell us what you think. Has Eddie gone too far with this reggae thing, or are you hoping he goes in and drops an entire album’s worth of these tracks? And for more ofย Eddie’s “Most Caribbean Moments,” read our story, “Eddie Ranks,” here.