Reggae in the Raw: Watch Eddie Murphy’s “Oh Jah Jah” Video

May 6, 2015

Words by Desmond Alphonso


Back at the top of January, we told you about “Oh Jah Jah,” Eddie Murphy’s second foray into reggae in as many years. Our Jesse Serwer was the first to speak with Eddie about the song and his upcoming plans for 2015 in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone.

After a few months, Eddie and “Oh Jah Jah,” a roots-y and rather enjoyable tune that surprised many wiht its qualityโ€” are back with a rather minimalistโ€”or, shall we say rawโ€”video. And by raw, we mean this is pretty much a home recording of a jam session processed through some basic lighting filters. You’d think with Eddie’s friends in Hollywood and vast wads of cash that he could afford something a little more polished looking, but maybe that’s the point: No pretensions, just Eddie, reggae, and Jah.

Watch “Oh Jah Jah” below and read “Eddie Ranks,” our rundown of Eddie’s most Caribbean moments, here.

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