VIDEO: Omari Banks + Peetah Morgan Connect with “No Point To Prove”

December 2, 2014

Words by Ravi Lloyd


Anguillan cricketer-turned-reggae-star Omari Banks‘ new single “No Point to Prove” (from his upcoming album, Move On) is an electric collaboration with Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage fame that brings sweet harmonies together with conscious lyrics and a wicked reggae riddim.

The video, which debuted Friday night at a live event with Morgan streamed worldwide from Anguilla, follows Omari on a trip through Jamaica. He meets up with his old teammates from the West Indies cricket team at Kingston’s Sabina Park and hits the road with his guitar to promote his current passion at various media houses. Along the way he’s linked on all levels, from professional athletes to reggae stars, with cameos coming from Wavell Hinds, Carlton Baugh Jr., Gramps Morgan and Cecile. Watch the video below and check out Omari’s Facebook page for highlights from Friday night’s event.