Empresses + Queens: Talking with Trinidad’s Queen Omega + Kushite

November 25, 2014


LU: What would you say is your most feminine moment?

Omega: When I do my makeup. I don’t like a lot, but I know it’s suitable for lighting and photos.

Kushite: I am a reformed tomboy. I climbed trees and stuff. I have so many scars doing things like trying to parachute off my house. But in secondary school and discovering boys, you decide you have to look nice and that’s where the feminine vibes really came in.

LU: Which new artist do you think is doing their thing in Reggae right now?

Kushite: Jahlifah

Omega: Yeah, Jahlifah! She is fire! Mo’Kalamity from France. I just did a tour with her too and she is real amazing.

LU: The industry could be so cut throat and for women it’s so easy to be stepped to incorrectly. What advice would you give to young women in the business?

Omega: Respect yourself. Understand what you do. Understand the music you are doing. That it’s a heartbeat and you have to be truthful in your livity. Call on the Father for guidance. Oh! and always read your contracts well. Especially the fine print.

Kushite: I second that!

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