Empresses + Queens: Talking with Trinidad’s Queen Omega + Kushite

November 25, 2014


LargeUp: Tell us about yourselves.

Kushite: I am a humble sistren, I have a four-year-old son and I love music.

Queen Omega: I am a young mother of three, recording artist, international performing artist and wife, trying to balance everything to the best of my ability.

LU: So many artists lead with their career titles but you both mentioned motherhood before music. Why?

Kushite: Of course that must come first. All your life, even through pain of menstruation, Jah is preparing you for that high purpose. The womb and mother are powerful portholes to this life so they must be mentioned.

Omega: Even if you haven’t given birth, once you come from a womb and have a womb, you are a mother. A woman is at her highest spiritual peak when she is pregnant and giving birth. A woman who is a natural childbearer will give birth. I give birth so easily. I could have an army but due to the love of career I will balance it off, or I would have more already.

Kushite: Even in Islam, I learned from my sister, that if a woman gives birth, she is absolved of sin because of the pain she went through in the process. When I gave birth to my son, I felt like no sin couldn’t enter. Its natural, so the first thing you have to mention is the fulfilling of that sacrament.

LU: So, If you had to choose one title—artist, homemaker, etc.— what would you choose?

Kushite: I would say Kushite the God Fearer cause that’s who I am, always doing the works of Jah. Always trying to please His Majesty in everything.

Omega: For me, this title itself, “Queen Omega,” is a high title, given unto a woman of power and consciousness. It means mother of creation so that in itself is a balance for me.