Hanging with Leadpipe and Saddis… and Porgie and Murda

September 19, 2014


Leadpipe and Saddis had several tunes in party rotation this year in Barbadosโ€” collectively as a duo, and separately as solo artists (And Porgie & Murda scored another hit with “Benup.“). But none has had a bigger impact than “Ah Feeling,” for which the duo won both of Barbados’ Road March awards, Tune of De Crop and Jam Tune. The pair, who have written songs for Trini soca stars Patrice Roberts and Denise Belfon as well as local Bajan acts, also received “The Songwriter of the Season” award in Barbados.

One of the best soca tracks this year from any island, “Ah Feeling” is now making its presence felt outside of Barbados. We’d bet money that this one will be a Road March contender come Trinidad Carnival time. Leadpipe and Saddis recently took their show to the U.S., performing at various Labor Day weekend events in New York City, as well as a “Soca Day Rave” at the Barbados Social Club in Philly.

LargeUp met up with the duo (with DJ Jam Central and their manager Ingrid Holder in tow) at The Bajan Cafe in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, during their recent stay in New York. Scroll on for our photo series, with commentary from Leadpipe, Saddis, Porgie and Murda.