Hanging with Leadpipe and Saddis… and Porgie and Murda

September 19, 2014


“Because Porgie and Murda was hot during Crop Over season last year, we said, ‘Since we’re artists, why don’t we do a song as Porgie & Murda, cause that’s what’s hot,” Leadpipe says. “We were Leadpipe and Saddis for 9, 10 years without recognition. And then [with] people recognizing Porgie & Murda it was like [snaps fingers] ‘Doorway!’ We just worked with the Porgie & Murda thing, and then brought Leadpipe and Saddis the next year, and it worked.”

Now, the duo are stars are in Barbados two times over, even getting booked on the same shows as Porgie & Murda and Leadpipe and Saddis. Collectively, they’ve brought a fresh  jolt of fresh energy to an island where the biggest music stars (Alison Hinds, Edwin Yearwood) have all been around for decades. This year saw Porgie & Murda return for season two of their web series. They’ve also just completed their debut feature film, entitled Porgie & Murda In Unusual Suspects, will premiere in Barbados next month.

“Basically, there’s a stolen artifact,” Leadpipe says. “We are normal, crazy dudes who found cash and we found the artifact.” As with the series, the dialogue is largely improvised. “One of the actors in the movie, Charles Ince, wrote the script, but we freestyled most of the dialogue. It was very easy. The team [behind the movie] was all people who grew up together.”

Unusual Suspects is set to premiere next month at the Old Empire Theater in Bridgetown. After that they plan to travel the island and host a movie night in each of Barbados’ 11 parishes.

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