Hanging with Leadpipe and Saddis… and Porgie and Murda

September 19, 2014

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Eddie Pearson


A comical tribute to girls as sweet as condensed milk, Porgie & Murda’s “Condense” literally took over Crop Over season in Barbados last year. Flash forward to this year’s edition of Barbados’ summer festival (which concluded last month) and another duo, Leadpipe and Saddis, had an equally big impact with the more straight-laced, but equally fun tune called “Ah Feeling.”

By now, most Bajans have figured out that Porgie & Murda and Leadpipe and Saddis are one and the same. Prior to the advent of Porgie & Murda, singers, musicians and songwriters Osvaldo Reid and Reshawn Ince had been pretty much anonymous, despite ten years of working in Barbados’ soca scene as Leadpipe and Saddis. After initially picking up the camera to amuse themselves in the studio, they developed an online sitcom which follows the adventures of Porgie, a buffoonish simpleton who tries a little too hard, and Murda as his “straight man” โ€” the Laurel to his Hardy. It’s digital Vaudeville, streaming from Barbados.

“The Porgie & Murda Show wasn’t planned, it was just vibes,” says Leadpipe aka Porgie. “How it started was with an iPhone. We [were] bored, and we just started recording.”

Soon, the pair were filming with a real camera and working with other writers. By the time of the show’s sixth episode, which featured Porgie’s version of Lil Wayne’s “No Worries,” the characters had gone viral in Barbados, becoming as popular among local kids as any afternoon cartoon.

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