LargeUp Premiere: King Mas’ “Reflection” Video

July 7, 2014

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”


King I-Vier and Jah Yzer’s California-based label Royal Order Music produced some of our favorite reggae tunes in 2013, specifically Gappy Ranks’ “Carpenter” and the reggae revival posse cut “Selassie Souljahz,” and they’ve continued the vibes this year with “Reflection,” the recent single from culture crooner King Mas. Boston-based Mas (also known as MasSicker) debuted his Rasta Road mixtape with Green Lion Crew here in March (and also hosted Tribe of Kings’ Next Generation Liberation, another LargeUp premiere), and now he’s back with a video for “Reflectionn.”

The track, produced by I-Vier, Yzer and Maxwell Smart, highlights the singer’s commitment to presenting a positive image for the next generation, encouraging others to take a look in the mirror before claiming righteousness, and the video pushes the point across with visuals of Mas in a variety of settings. Watch below, and tell us if you’re feeling this in the comments.