Mixtape Mondays: Tribe of Kings x MasSicker, Goldrush Intl, Major Steve

September 16, 2013

Words by Deejay Theoryย โ€”

MM 34

It’s Monday again, so while you’re scrolling through memes at work you might as well go the extra mile and download some new mixtapes. We’ve got somewhat of a different thing this week, with some brand new and uncovered roots selections from Boston and San Diego, bruising dubplates from Switzerland, and essential ’90’s rude bwoy tunes.

LargeUp Premiere:ย Tribe of Kings x MasSicker, Next Generation Liberation: The San Diego champs and good folks at Tribe of Kings Soundsystemย have a brand new mix on deck to lighten up your week. Highlighting the under-the-radar talents of Boston-based singer MasSicker a.k.a King Mas, you’re treated to over an hour of brand-new roots music and exclusives compiled again by the one Dash Eye. Boston is a townย not exactly known for its abundance in authentic reggae artists, but King Mas definitely has the right ingredients to take his voice to the world. Salute to Tribe of Kings for pushing it forward and uncovering some raw new roots talent. Stream and download below, tracklist here.

Goldrush International, Dubplate Classics: Haul and pull up again. Killer new (old) dubplate mix from Swiss vibe machine Goldrush International. They had posted this online a few years back, but it’s now gotten a re-up and download so you can pree the vibes at home and dig into some killer foundation and early dancehall specials from the Goldrush treasure chest. The big man Wildlife! and selector Einstein have some heavy artillery in the box for not just sound killing, but also just to hold a vibe. Pass through 40 cuts of necessary dubplate pressure reeling off classics and some lesser known gems. Stream and download below, tracklist here

Major Steve, 90’s Tribute pt. 2: Always a sucker for quality 90’s dancehall mixes, we had to include round 2 of this dusty series from Berlin’s Major Steve. Again: not a lot of info to be found on the deejay, but he’s got a killer collection of vintage and golden era records in the stacks he’s been kind enough to blend and gift to you. With part one of this series covering the reggae side, part two digs deep into our soft spot for classic gunman and bad bwoy tunes. Recorded live from strictly vinyl, the tracklist includes all the label info and format for each tune as well, just the small details that go appreciated around here. Stream and download below, tracklist here.