Toppa Top 10: Reggae/Dancehall’s Greatest Lady Deejays

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May 23, 2014

4. Queen Ifrika

One of the most popular cultural reggae artists in Jamaica, male or female, the “Fire Muma” Queen Ifrica is known for righteous, message-driven music. Raised in Montego Bay, the daughter of ska pioneer Derrick Morgan joined Tony Rebel’s Flames Production camp in the late ‘90s before scoring some major hits in the mid 2000s, including “Below the Waist.” Never one to shy away from speaking on taboo topics, she’s been broadly praised for “Daddy,” her 2008 single addressing the topic of child molestation, and censured for her comments regarding homosexuality. Her knack for crafting top-quality anthems celebrating female empowerment—best exemplified by “Lioness on the Rise”—is indisputable, though. —Jesse Serwer