Throwback Thursdays: Rare TV Appearances by Third World

May 15, 2014

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

Third-World-Island-Records- Adrian Boot

We’re extra pleased to have Cat Coore of the greatย Third World as our guest on today’s LargeUp Sessions radio program. Carrying on the Third World tradition following the recent passing of vocalist Bunny Rugs, Cat will be stopping by to discuss Bunny’s legacy and the upcoming LP, Under the Magic Sun.

Among many other things, Third World is renowned for having one of reggae’s greatest live shows, in large part to guitarist Coore’s virtuosity and showmanshipโ€”not just on the guitar, but also on the electric cello, harmonica, etc.โ€”a fact that may have helped land them some pretty cool TV appearances. We’ve featured one of these before on Throwback Thursdaysโ€”their 1982 performance of “Try Jah Love” on sketch comedy show SCTVโ€”so today we figured we’d dig up a few more, thanks to a little help from our friend Heather Cameron.

The first of our two clips here is a real treat. In the late ’70s Dame Shirley Basseyโ€”theย Welsh singer best known for singing the themes to the James Bond movies Goldfingerย and ย Diamonds Are Foreverโ€” was given her own show on the BBC, hosted at various locations around the world. For the show’s second season in 1979, she headed to Little Pubs Open Air Disco in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. In this clip from that program, she performs aย disco version of “This Is My Love,” walking through the crowd. If that’s not your thing, sit tight, ’cause it’s followed right up by an entrancing performance of “Cool Mediation,” the 1978 Third World hit sung by keyboardist Ibo Cooper. This one is definitely a trip…make sure you watch til the end to see Dame Shirley getting down with some enthusiastic members of the crowd.ย 

Next up, we’ve got a performance of “Lagos Jump” from Japanese TV sometime in the early 80s. Now, we know how big reggae is in Japan, but this has to be one of the earliest appearances by a Jamaican act on Japanese TV, we’re guessing. Not much information on this oneโ€”we can’t even tell you the name of the show, but the foggy, “island in space” set does all of the talking that needs to be done!

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