Toppa Top 10: The Best Reggae Guitarists

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October 24, 2012

4. Lynn TaittLynn-Taitt- LargeUp
Lynn Taitt was actually born in Trinidad, and came to Jamaica in 1962, to play during the independence celebrations with Byron Lee. Taking up residence in JA instead of returning to his native Trinidad, Taitt quickly became one of the most prominent and in demand guitarists on the studio recording circuit, and is credited with arranging the first rocksteady song: Hopeton Lewisโ€™ โ€œTake It Easy.โ€ Lynn Taitt also played on, and arranged, Jamaican classics such as โ€œTougher than Toughโ€ and โ€œStop That Train.โ€ Active for only six years in Jamaica before migrating to Canada in 1968, Taitt’s body of work still left an indelible mark on Jamaican music, and he is still viewed by many musicians from that era as one of the greatest guitarists in Jamaican music.