AUDIO: Popcaan — “Love Yuh Bad”

May 6, 2014

Words by Natalie Weiner—Popcaan LargeUp

Another day, another new tune from dancehall crooner Popcaan, who’s steady promoting his forthcoming project Where We Come From, out June 10th. “Love Yuh Bad,” the album’s second single, is something of a return to form for the unruly boss—a “love”/lust-themed, party-ready anthem, though the stripped down production (courtesy of Mixpak’s Dre Skull) is actually pretty in line with that of the first single, “Everything Nice.” Both tracks share a fresh, modern aesthetic that, at least according to Miss Info (and she should know, right?), “could impact top 40 stations if worked properly.” At the very least, with these big tunes he’s definitely living up to his title as one of 2014’s most important dancehall acts.

The lyrics video is an interesting touch—if you’re not from the Caribbean, and the nuances of your favorite dancehall singer’s patois sometimes evade you, prepare yourself for an education. Popcaan is definitely not mincing words on this one, going from the club, to the bedroom, to the alter, and back again in his “inimitably hyper-sexual style.”

“Everything Nice” has already been getting some mainstream shine (check out the Mavado remix too)—could “Love Yuh Bad” have the same song of the summer potential? Tell us what you think in the comments.