AUDIO: Tasonia x Peckings — “Bill”

April 16, 2014

Words by Saxon Baird—


Fresh off the hangover of tax collection day here in the U.S., we offer you this gem with production courtesy of U.K.’s Peckings Records. The rocksteady tune called “Bill” is something all of us on this side of the Atlantic can relate to right now: a ballad to one of the few things certain in life, paying bills.

Released via Frequent Flyer Records, the crackling, rocksteady instrumental features young Jamaican-born/UK-living Tasonia and her infectious, patois-laden vocals as she details the stress and strife of financial troubles. The vibe is a throwback to the golden era of rocksteady but the young and relatively unknown vocalist keeps it modern in attitude and style, showing promise of things to come while keeping us in the groove with her catchy chorus.

It’s another spot-on, roots-laden production from Peckings. The label/production/record store was originally founded in the 1960s by the late George Price and has been in the Jamaican music game ever since. Their wide variety of releases have included work with homegrown UK talents from Peter Hunnigale to Gappy Ranks. Peckings was also responsible for Bitty McLean’s excellent 2004 comeback LP On Bond Street which kickstarted a rocksteady revival of sorts a decade back.