LargeUp Premiere: Watch The Skints’ “Let’s Stay Together” Video

April 24, 2017


Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” is a classic among classics. The kind you can’t improve on should you wager to do a cover version, but can only hope to do some sort of justice to. So we gotta large up London, England’s The Skints on their version, which turns the Reverend’s 1972 soul hit into some smooth, dubbed-out lovers rock featuring dueting male/female vocals from the group’s Marcia Richards and Jamie Kyriakides. To visually realize the mood, the band tapped Rich Terrana, drummer for New York’s The Frightnrs, to create this bootleg cartoon animation, using early Disney clips of an (unrecognizable) Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Watch the video below, and look out for The Skints in your town soon. The group is touring the U.K. the next few weeks before heading to the US and Canada for the summer, where they’ll be appearing on stages like the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and opening up on tour for 311.