Dancehall Nuh Dead: Ten Dancehall Acts That Matter Right Now

April 14, 2014

Mr.Vegas Top 10 Best Dancehall Singles
Photo: Kevin Ornelas

When people rattle off the biggest names in dancehall, Mr. Vegas is never one of the first people mentioned. But he should be. From “Heads High” back in ’97 to the recent success of “Party Tun Up,” no Jamaican artist has been more consistent when it comes to getting songs on the radio, and just generally making hits. You can go back to just about any year in the last decade and a half, and find at least one Vegas tune that was running in Jamaica, and around the world. And he’s done it without ever watering his sound down. The only thing holding Vegas back from getting his just due has probably been Vegas himself. โ€”Jesse Serwer, Editor,