Dancehall Nuh Dead: Ten Dancehall Acts That Matter Right Now

April 14, 2014

Photo: Martei Korley

When it comes to lyrical content, after you look at Kartel, Busy Signal would be the next person. Busy is a great artist who is very lyrical, and has a lot of great songs. You have songs that sound nice, or you have songs that are in-depth, talking about things people want to hear or know about, that show you know what people pay attention to and really want to hear. Busy is one of the craziest dudes when it comes to lyrics [like that]. Remember, he had his own [legal] situation. It is not like he has had the chance to prove himself. People think he was in the game long but he hasnโ€™t really been. He hasnโ€™t really been on the radar. You might be around for a while and have popularity with a lot of songs, but when you hit the radarโ€ฆ youโ€™re on the radar. โ€”DJ Norie, selector/presenter, Power 105.1 FM